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Waterbars: DIY erosion prevention for roads, paths and trails

DIY waterbar created from used conveyor belting

Waterbars are used to prevent erosion on logging roads, dirt road, bike paths and walking trails. When properly installed, waterbars divert water off the path, road and or trail. Traditionally waterbars are made from wood or rocks: these types of waterbars do not work good for trails that are being used by bicycles or other wheeled traffic as they can lead to crashes or tripping hazards.

DIY: Flexible rubber conveyor belt waterbars

You can easily create your own rubber waterbars with our recycled conveyor belting. Our belting is rigid enough to divert water, but flexible enough for bike and car tires to easily roll over. To create a rubber waterbar simply cut the conveyor belt to the desired height, then bolt it onto either a 2x4 or 2x6. Here’s an example:

Easy sketch of how to build a waterbar

Here’s another DIY waterbar instruction set from the Center for Dirt and Gravel Roads.

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