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Rubber Sandblasting Room Lining

Rubber Conveyor belting used to line the walls of an abrasive blasting room

Protecting your blast room

Tired of maintaining your blast room? Painted concrete eventually flakes off and needs to be repainted while metal walls will often start to rust. Using our recycled rubber conveyor belting to line your blasting room walls provides a sleek looking no maintenance solution.

Abrasive blasting room wall protection

We have a variety of used and surplus rubber belting that works perfectly for your DIY abrasive blasting room. We stock a variety of belt profiles as well, from smooth to mini bite and even v cleat. These profile belts work great on floors for traction in wet blasting / vapor abrasive blasting rooms.

Blasting room covered with rubber liners made from recycled belting

In addition, these belts are very dense and provide excellent noise reduction in your blast room. They can be easily cut with a blade and screwed onto your existing walls.

You will never need to worry about maintaining these rubber sand blasting linings.

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