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Easily Customized Recycled Belting

The recycled belting that you will receive from Atlas Belting is extremely versatile and easy to customize and shape to fit your exact needs. In order to tailor your purchased rubber to your exact requirements, follow these quick and simple steps:

Step 1:

Position the specified piece of belting so that the plies are closest to the top, or closest to your knife when cutting.

Cutting conveyor belting with the right tools

Step 2:

Using a sharp and precise knife, make your first cut completely across the belting piece with even pressure.

Trimming conveyor belting

Step 3:

After making the first cut, bend the material open along the cut.

**In order to make this process easier, it is helpful to place a board that meets your size specifications under the first cut in order to put opposing pressure upon it, which helps to open the cut.

How to cut recycled belting

Step 4:

Now that the belting is bent slightly open along the cut area, continue to cut into the open slit until you cut completely through the belting.