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Grain Pit Covers

Heavy duty rubber grain pit covers for sale

The conveyor belting material used for Grain pit Covers is a heavy duty, durable matting that is highly weather resistant. The material seals to protect your pit from weather, animals, and vehicle traffic.

Grain Pit Covers

Placing grating on your dump pit and then covering it with conveyor belting will allow you to drive semis, tractors, and other equipment over the dump pit without damage to your products. Easily installed by simply laying the mat on the ground. Available in common widths up to 114" but able to offer widths of up to 16’ by seaming or overlapping 2 belts.

Grain Pit Diagram
Grain Pit Cover

These grain pit covers can be quite heavy, here's some instructions on how to easily move your grain pit cover.

We now offer grain pit cover handles!

Grain pit cover that was run over by a train

How durable are these pit covers?

Here's a pictue from one of our customers. The mat was run over by a train! These grain pit covers can take a beating.

Forklift driving over grain pit cover

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