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Erosion and water diversion

Long lasting and reusable water diversion / erosion control fencing

Conveyor Belt Water Diversions

Durable belting will keep your road, driveway, bike path, hiking trail or mountain pass from washing away. During the rainy season in the spring, water is diverted away from troublesome erosion areas, without loosing accessibility of the road. Cars, trucks, atv's and all other motor vehicles can drive over this durable belting without harm done to the belting or vehicle.

Unlike waterbars, which during wet road conditions, will lose functionality, conveyor belt diversions will remain stable. Provided the conveyor blet diversions are properly spaced, they will also remain stable when road crown is lost.

Easily installed and maintained, conveyor belt diversions help keep your road, driveway, bike path, hiking trail, or mountain pass in tact for years to come.

Instructions for building and installing a water diversion.

Erosion Fencing

Made from durable used conveyor belting this durable rubber material will not harm the environment. Staked permanently in the ground this material will act as erosion fencing and help prevent further erosion form taking place.

Not only is it recycled material but it is environmentally friendly. Material has excellent weather ability and will not break down over time. Safe for all environments.

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