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Cattle windbreaks

Build Cattle Windbreaks from our rubber belting

Wind coupled with cold temperatures lead to cold stress for cattle. Cattle experiencing cold stress require more food in their diets to generate heat to maintain their core body temperature. Cold stressed livestock are also more prone to sickness which would increase veterinary costs.

Using our recycled conveyor belting to create cattle windbreaks is an economical and green solution. With our rubber or lightweight pvc belting you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Unlike wood, our belting can withstand the harshest of conditions without deteriorating.

Portable or Permanent Cattle windbreaks

Using our cattle windbreaks, you can design either a portable or permanent wind break. If you typically herd your cattle in one or two pastures, designing a permanent windbreak would be ideal for those pastures. A portable windbreak solution does allow for more distribution of manure which helps prevent damage to forage plants.

We know farmers are ingenious and we would love for you to share your cattle windbreak designs. Please send us pictures and stories and we’ll feature them on our site.

One company’s junk is another’s windbreak

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