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How to transport / move a grain pit cover

Grain Pit Cover

Pictured is a ¾” thick X 10’ X 12’ grain pit cover which weighs over 500 lbs. It sounds like a lot to move but if you know how to do it, it’s easy.

Heavier material will give you a better water tight seal and will not be effected by the wind. All materials are weather resistant.

Download our quick tips for moving your grain pit cover

How to easily move a grain pit cover:

drilling two holes in grain pit cover

Step 1:

Drill two holes into the grain pit cover with wood bit or paddle bit. If you are using a string tie a knot in each end. If you are using a chain, insert bolts with large washers. You can also add ropes to the longest side to help when sliding the belting.

Thread rope or bolts through the holes

Step 2:

Put a string or bolts through the holes and secure.

Looking for a way to move these grain pit covers with a tractor?

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Dragging grain pit mat across ground

Step 3:

You can slide the material across the ground but this is usually takes more energy and is physically harder. Lifting the belt makes it even more difficult even with using machinery like a tractor or skid steer.

Dragging grain pit mat over itself is easier

Step 4:

The easiest way to move the pit cover is to pull the material back upon itself. It will start to wind up and then start sliding atop itself. This way you are moving only half of the cover at a time and letting the friction help you.